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Circular Saw Sharpening

Regrinding a carbide tipped saw, by the nature of the process can only be carried out a certain number of times so it is imperative to maximise performance of the saw at optimum conditions of sharpness whilst achieving the maximum number of regrinds during its natural life. Image

Image This is achieved by using the latest in CNC technology, whereby computer controlled precision cutting ensures only the correct level of wear is removed at the tips and no more. At Wilkinson Saw we use the very latest technology in 6 axis full CNC control for optimal results and, in addition, use oil coolant for the best surface finish.

HSS saws can also be sharpened using CNC technology but can be prone to thermal shock from standard grinding surfaces. To stop this happening, we use only Borazon CBN grinding wheels with HSS saws. CBN wheels have a more precise tooth geometry and a much finer ground finish, and according to independent tests can increase blade life by 25% compared with standard grinding procedures. Ultimately this means our customers stay more productive for longer, saving time and money in the process.

The grinding machine we use at Wilkinson Saw is the very top of the range, a Type 5-HMT. With this technology carbide knife grinding is conducted from a single clamp with guideway covers which increase permanent precision.

Automatic working cycles are implemented for either carbide or HSS knives with precision downfeed as a result of a preloaded recirculating ball screw and a high grinding capacity due to grinding rings of 250mm diameter. Front change grinding wheels also make the process quicker and more efficient.
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