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Guillotine Knife Sharpening

Wilkinson Saw, sharpening Founded in 1869 in Newcastle, Wilkinson Saw have had a long and productive relationship with some of the longest serving printing and packaging companies in the North East.

This has involved the supply of quality products including guillotine knives, trimmer knives, paper drills, stitching wire, cutting sticks and much more but it has also incorporated the servicing, sharpening and regrinding of existing tools too and this is a service which is extended to many other areas of work where high quality, sharpened blades are a prerequisite for industrial, commercial and domestic success. Guillotine knife sharpening is very much an integral part of our historic and contemporary operations.

Sharpening guillotine blades requires a different set of skills and technologies than those required for circular saws but at W. Wilkinson Ltd, the commitment remains the same to providing the best combination of skills and technology for optimum results.

Regrinding is possible on all types of guillotine knives, including TCT, HSS and STD, sheer knives of up to 4.1 metres and circular knives. Technology comes in the form of a moving head grinder of the Type 51, used for regrinding, and the skills employed are in the trained use of the machinery and in the hand finishing.
Wilkinson Saw, circular saws

Wilkinson Saw, knives All hand-finished knives are tested for sharpness. At the end of its natural life any knife will have to be replaced and our customers rely on W. Wilkinson Ltd to supply the very best knives and ancillary products available, as they have done for generations.

A large selection of products are held in stock at any time and can be supplied at short notice. These include all popular sizes of cutting sticks and stitching wire as well as new guillotine knives from premier manufacturer Fassbender GmbH.

We can also supply and sharpen most types of Press tooling and Steel folding guillotines, from makers such as Edwards Pearson and Morgan Rushworth.

What this means for our customers is not only the best results possible but a commitment to excellence where only the best machine-ground tools will do.