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Polycrystalline Diamond Tooling 'PCD'.

Wilkinson Saw, technology Always open to new technologies, Wilkinson Saw are able to service and supply precision tools which employ PCD technology. PCD is micron sized diamond particles, sintered together at very high temperatures in the presence of a metal catalyst. The metal and particle composite material is then bonded on top of a layer of tungsten carbide.

Combining the resilience and strength of tungsten carbide with the strong abrasive resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond produces a superb cutting tool of particular use in the woodworking industry.

New PCD saws and tools can be manufactured and supplied to the customer's requirements. The benefits of using PCD technology are obvious in its efficient application but also in the longer periods afforded between service periods due to the high wear rates.

Less down time means bigger savings and more time-efficient work. When they do need to be serviced we have the tools and expertise to do that too.

Servicing of PCD tools can only be done on CNC machines by what is known as an Erosion process.
Wilkinson Saw, 2100cnc

Wilkinson Saw, servicing Essentially, the tool is immersed in a dielectric solution and current passed which removes the accumulated dirt and debris on the tool.

It can be a time consuming process beginning with cleaning all wood resin and measuring before a rough erosion cycle, a finish erosion cycle followed by a fine erosion cycle and then final measurement.

The down time taken for servicing PCD tools is more than compensated by the extended time between services and the longer lifespan and enduring effectiveness of the tool itself.

At Wilkinson Saw we are proud of our history and long association with our customers and will always be happy to help with the right information, products and services which provide any new and existing customers with the right tools for the job in hand.